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As we take the proper steps to become this non-profit, we have come across many different opinions of what it is we are trying to accomplish. We want to be clear about WHYs behind BENT

1. WHY is BENT here:

-BENT is another option to the future of our youth. Not every student is going to be interested in entrepreneurship and that's okay because we are focusing on the students that have a serious interest in creating a business for their future, no matter the size. If they'd like to start a stand in the neighborhood, we can help them understand the legalities around it and help them get a permit.

2. WHY is BENT different: Currently there are a few programs serving our school systems. Each program is unique in building career skills, mentor-ships with companies, and internships where the child works hands-on. We want to be clear that BENT will be providing entrepreneurship skills. We'll show the youth how to run a business, how to budget their business, how to market their business, etc. Our mentor-ship program will match students with business owners in their desired industry.

3. WHY you should be involved in BENT: The infrastructure of BENT is created for a win win for the students, community & economy. Connecting local business owners to a relate-able cause. Empowerment of students that may not know a business owner to learn from. The potential for increase in local jobs stemming from these businesses. It's a great opportunity for local investors to view these business, first hand. The possibilities for this organization are truly endless.

Please contact us to become active with BENT!

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