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Our Program

The "meat & potatoes" of BENT, is in the curriculum. We have reviewed and designed a program that it simple but engaging for all students that register to be a part of BENT. Our curriculum is constructed to be implemented as an after school program, a homeschooling activity, or a church ministry. We want to meet the students where they are & where they will receive the most support.

Each student that registers, will receive a notebook that will contain workbooks based on the courses that are going to be thought to the students. A portion of the curriculum in the workbooks is broken down into the standard business plan. Also included in the work book is learning sections on branding, professionalism, networking and other need to know information that would normally be learned during the entrepreneur process.

In order for our program to work smoothly we will need instructors and mentors to work directly with the students. To be come either, the volunteer will be required to take a one day course to become BENT certified. Each certification, instructor and mentor, will spend time learning safety with children and individuals will need to be background checked. The last portion of their certification will be focused on become an engaging mentor or instructor. The certification course also come with guide notebooks.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” Plutarch

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