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All Hands on Deck

For BENT to be the success that it is envisioned to be we need YOUR help. Help comes in many different forms and we need not just money but hands on support. All are welcome to be active with our organization, professionals, business owners, & parents, as well as other organizations & businesses.

Certified Instructor: To become an instructor in BENT, you need to attend a one day training. The first half of the training is safety with children and we require all instructors to be background checked. We want to ensure that all of our students are safe. The later portion of the training day, instructors will review the curriculum workbooks & an overview of how to run their classes. Our curriculum has been created so any professional that volunteers their time will be able to pick up & teach the students.

Certified Mentor: Becoming a mentor for BENT is pretty similar to becoming an instructor. The first half of the training is the exact same but the second half of the training is about how to be a great mentor & how to provide learning opportunities for your students.

Certified Partner: Businesses that have several professionals volunteering their time can partner their company with BENT. All schools that have taken on the BENT program will be an official partner. To be inclusive to ALL middle & high-school our program is available to homeschoolers through their church umbrella. Churches that would like to offer an entrepreneurship ministry to their youth are also able to become partners with BENT.

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