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3 Years in the Making

For three whole years, BENT has been a thought in my head & notes scattered on virtual post-its. An idea that stemmed from the question, "How else can I use my knowledge to help others?"

I think back to when I first had the thought of having my own business when I was younger and thinking, how? I know nothing about business. I don't know how to start a business. Eventually, I chose a different path but coming full circle here I am running a successful business. A true "if only I knew then, what I know now" moment.

I'm passionate about being able to help others in my business. Whether I'm working hands on, on their business or teaching them how to do it themselves, I know I'm giving them something that they will never forget and they can build from. Originally, I thought I would just help others do what I do but the idea turned into so much more.

The BENT Association will show students how to become business owners. The goal is to teach basic entrepreneur skills. We are NOT teaching career skills, how to get a job or how to interview well. I want to give our youth the tools they need to become business owners & empower them to carry on long past the 3-5 year dead mark. Think SCORE for middle & high schoolers.

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